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Learn to powerfully move through challenges and enjoy life!
Allow me to assist you to reconnect with the divine within, amplify all the good in your life and flow.

If you are like me, there have been times when you stuffed your feelings. You tried to forget about negative experiences, hoping to leave them behind. Perhaps you felt like you were “doing life” wrong. What if embracing all experiences and emotions was actually a key to activating you — the fully integrated, empowered and happy you?


Maybe you already recognize that the duality of life is an invitation to learn and expand. Maybe the idea just clicked for you in this moment. Or maybe you feel stuck and don’t feel clear about how to move forward.


Wherever you are in your journey, your spiritual team is waiting to assist you to assimilate the light and the dark, moving you into a state of peace. We know life’s challenges and joys will never cease, but seek to gain mastery of our experience so we can enjoy more and be who we are made to be.


Hi, I’m Katie.  I channel angels, guides, loved ones and energetic healing to support you to be your best Self. I assist you to find harmony, healing and peace in all areas of your life.

It is my honor and joy to support you in releasing restrictions, finding clarity and expanding your innate, divine gifts. Living your truth brings profound peace, which allows you to freely share your gifts with the world.


Like many people, challenging experiences forced me to seek healing. A major car accident left me in chronic pain and was a catalyst to deeply heal on a physical and emotional level. This accident, along with many other subsequent challenges, sparked my desire to learn to honor my voice and face my fears. This eventually meant quitting my Fortune 500 consulting job in Washington D.C. and moving to Rio de Janeiro.


How CaN I

Assist YoU?

Free 15 min. Consult

15 mins  /  $0

This free initial 15 minutes phone consult discusses your needs, goals, and how I can best assist you.

Intuitive Reading

1 hr.  /  $155  (Skype / Phone)

1 hr.  /  $165  (In - Person)

We all need self-care and maintenance, especially when we hit a rough patch.  I channel divine guidance to support you in getting to the next level in your career, spiritual growth, creative endeavors and relationships.

Intuitive Coaching Package

6 weeks  /  $645

Healing and anchoring new practices takes time and an openness to a new way of being. I channel divine guidance that offers you practical tools to heal, strengthen and expand over time. Whether it is learning how to create and magnify the things you want in your life or other goals, this package offers you support to manifest your desires.

   I.   Free 15 minute introductory call

   II.  (4) 30 minute calls

   III.  Weekly Email Access. Once per  

         week I will email you the focus of 

         the week and answer questions.

Soul Celebrations

2 hrs.  /  $300

The best gatherings are opportunities for us to deeply connect and express ourselves in new ways. A Soul Celebration is a chance to enhance the bonds between you and your tribe plus harness the synchronistic magic that happens when like-minded people gather with an intention. Get your favorites together and get ready to connect and receive from the divine!


I channel messages from loved ones who have passed as well as angels and spirit guides. During these gatherings, each person will have the opportunity to receive personalized messages and also be uplifted by the wisdom and healing channeled for the group.


These celebrations are located in the San Francisco Bay area, unless otherwise arranged, and are for 120 minutes of channeling with up to six people. Participants can gather their loved ones for a magical and powerful evening. Please click below to find out additional details. I look forward to working with you and yours!

Skype / Phone

In - Person