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It is My Mission and Joy to Hold Space for Transformation

I hold presence with individuals and small groups, channeling Divine Love guidance, healing, and wisdom. I use my intuitive gift to provide additional insights. These sessions help you heal wounds from current and past lives as well as anchor new practices that strengthen you. At times, I am also guided to share examples of my own transformative experiences and lessons.

For example, I recently held space for my mother in the last months of her life on Earth. It is a powerful and sacred experience to be present with a loved one as they transition. In order to show up, be present and honor my mom and her all choices, I had to be present with myself, own and work through all my potent emotions.  I’m proud of how I showed up for myself, my mom and my family. I, of course, suffered and grieved during this time, but also benefited as I was shown a greater context for our existence on Earth. There is a lot more I could say, but this experience was yet another opportunity to expand and become more in the face of great suffering.


I find that everything I’ve experienced informs my ability to facilitate healing and transformation.  One of my most influential experiences to date was living in Brazil for nearly two years. I took my first big leap to follow my heart and my intuition to quit my corporate consulting gig and move to Rio de Janeiro. The people, the spiritual culture and the grounded energy opened my heart and life in profound ways.  In hindsight, it was a returning to myself and stepping back into my power. 


What I love about Brazilians is how they are so embodied and connected to themselves, which is not exclusive to healers or mystics or either gender. I could see Brazilians all around me, living in the present moment and enjoying this physical incarnation. I would walk on the beach and feel the energy of the people, seeing their presence and allowing themselves to just be themselves — which gives permission to others to do the same.  As a healer, perhaps the most important experiences I had while living in Brazil were the activations and integration of shamanic aspects from other lifetimes. This was through experiences with high vibrational energies connected to the land.


Moving to Brazil and living a heart-centered life reconnected me to source energy within, which is now foundational to the work I do with others. I remembered then practiced how to connect, how to listen and how to allow. And this enabled me to see myself in a new context and embrace all I’ve learned from growing up in Boston, traveling and studying in other parts of the world and working in corporate America. I realized that my incarnations as a student, consultant and executive coach also contribute greatly to my current work. For instance, my M.B.A. projects and consulting work in “Change Management” has a much broader meaning now!


As I observe in my own life, it is important to embrace the tangible and practical: to have the intuition and follow the leading, but then to also take the actions to manifest what we want to see and have in our lifetime. We are souls who chose to come to Earth to create, to experience, to express our divine nature.  How fun and powerful to feel and know this is true!  It is liberation.


Ultimately, my choice to honor myself allowed my gift of mediumship to emerge and, with it, an ability to assist you to heal, serve your highest purpose and lead a fulfilling life.

20171103 KATIE-WLP_0887_(low).jpg

The magical Jardim Botânico in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I love this picture of me, mid-cartwheel! So many dreams realized that I put on my vision board years ago. I’m healthy, I have a fulfilling career and I’m in Rio.

Professional Certifications
  • Thunderbird School of Global Management, M.B.A. (2009)

  • Georgetown University, Change Management Advanced Practitioner (2011)

  • New Ventures West, Coaching for Excellence (2013, 2014)

  • New Ventures West, Integral  Coaching Principals (2015)

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