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Thank you so much Katie. You brought me so much clarity. I felt confused about moving back home not realizing that the parts of me that I disassociate with home, religion, culture codes, and country are now embraced by me. 


Our session was just a delight, letting my ancestors just flow in and out of the conversation and bringing me healing and remembering who I truly am. I am making a new conscious choice to incorporate all of me into my heart and you were just there loving and shining your light. 


This was so healing and so easy for me to make a decision easily and effortlessly. Much love and gratitude


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Katie is exceptionally talented.  I experienced a revolutionary shift with her.  She facilitated a connection with my mother who passed away, and whom I love so much.  My mother helped me better understand my childhood trauma and freed my heart from it.  Katie worked with my inner-child to release emotions I suppressed my whole life and to forgive my family members.  I gained discernment with the big picture.  Part of me that was disassociated is now integrated, and I feel more of my energy and power back.  I feel trusting and safe in my body like never before. 


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Katie is an amazing healer. She held a space full of love, grace and compassion for me. She channeled guidance with much clarity and held space for my deep emotional healing. I highly recommend working with Katie


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Katie's session was amazing. I felt the energy around me and was able to open my heart to energy being transmitted and receive the messages. It helped me understand some root issues not allowing me to move forward and I felt the healing.


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I met Katie in Rio de Janeiro. I heard about her gift, and I asked for an appointment to experiment her medium abilities. I went to her office in Rio and had a one hour wonderful experience. She told me some things that helped me keep moving forward. I listened to what I needed and I keep in my mind the things that she channeled. I saw her again for a coffee for a mini follow up session. She has a gift.  I recommend her, she is a nice and a beautiful person.

Thank you so much, Katie.


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